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Shaping Tomorrow's District Cooling Today.

DOMIKO Limited is a technical advisory service whose purpose is to provide expert, independent advice to designers, owners and end-users of district cooling systems serving large residential and commercial developments in the UAE and Gulf.

 The formation of DOMIKO is based on the recognition that many master developers, plot developers and end users have a lack of technical appreciation on the impact of district cooling, the related costs and charges associated with it, that could have been less through timely expert advice during the planning or design stage. 

District cooling is a growing element of modern infrastructure and often unavoidable in most large master developments. However, many developers, owners and end-users are not fully aware of what is behind the connection fees, the annual demand charges or the consumption fees. DOMIKO will provide guidance and expert advice during design to provide to capture and manage these elements and avoid unnecessary future contracted expense or dispute.

Contact us for more information at info@domiko-uae.com .

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