Prefabricated Chiller Plant Development

In the UAE district cooling providers (DCP’s) and chiller plant owners spend hundreds of millions each year on the operation and maintenance (O&M) of chiller plant and ancillary equipment. For DCP managers and facilities managers struggling with dwindling budgets and reduced staff, this constitutes a major drain on financial and staff resources.

The service which our company provides is designed to eliminate unnecessary costs through implementation of the following:

  1. Preparation of maintenance and service specification to suit each individual Chiller Plant
  2. Obtaining competitive tenders for the maintenance of each installation
  3. Preparation of maintenance contracts
  4. Substantiating faults, discussing causes, and monitoring of repair work
  5. Auditing of contractors’ invoices based upon the above
  6. Periodical inspections and reporting on the status of each plant
  7. Providing reports on a monthly basis, incorporating a record of all service and repair charges relevant to each plant
  8. Budget forecasts for plant upgrade or capital replacement
  9. Refurbishment of existing plants.

District cooling is a growing element of modern infrastructure and often unavoidable in most large master developments. However, many developers, owners and end-users are not fully aware of what is behind the connection fees, the annual demand charges or the consumption fees. DOMIKO will provide guidance and expert advice during design to provide to capture and manage these elements and avoid unnecessary future contracted expense or dispute.

We will provide District Cooling Providers (DCPs) and those wishing to develop district cooling with advice on alternate designs that can help defer CAPEX, improve OPEX and therefore open up the opportunity to pass on lower tariffs to end-users.

What we Do

Advisory Services to District Cooling Providers (DCP’s)

Operation and Maintenance Advisory

District Cooling Advisory Services to End Users

DOMIKO will provide solid, proven engineering advice on the development of pre-engineered, pre-fabricated chiller plant for central air-conditioning applications and district cooling.  This service will be aimed at MEP designers and contracting customers, architects and DCP’s. 

This is a modular approach that brings together all of the equipment, systems and components in a high efficiency chiller plant with external flexibility in finishes to accommodate most architectural constraints. DOMIKO will provide expert advice to achieve consistent quality during fabrication, minimum on-site installation time, lowest overall environmental impact and maximum system efficiency.​

DCP’s can incur high up-front CAPEX through delayed construction at plot level or poor decision making at design stage which they have to recover through higher service charges to end users. DOMIKO can provide DCP’s with alternate plant and network solutions that will allow the close matching of off-take to investment and therefore provide more attractive charges to end-users.  

Apart from CAPEX savings and deferment, DOMIKO’s solutions can provide better than normal operational efficiency, allowing DCP’s to have a winning business model and to offer competitive district cooling utility rates.

The following services, aimed at DCP’s and end-users of district cooling, will also be of use to master planners, consultants, power utility companies, insurers and contractor customers.

  1. District Cooling Strategy and Master Planning
  2. Feasibility Studies
  3. Engineering & Specification
  4. Procurement Support & Owner’s Engineer
  5. Distributed District Cooling Design Strategy 
  6. Chiller Plant Related Demand-Side Management Advisory
  7. Technical Expert Witness and Dispute Representation & Mediation
  8. Trouble shooting
  9. Warranty claims​